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As a Service

"Everything as a service" is becoming the next thing in IT, but we look beyond the hype and terminology to focus on what makes a difference to our customers.

In business IT services are important, but ensuring that everyone is getting what they need out of these services is equally important.

At Blue Sky Systems we have spent a considerable time looking at how various IT businesses approach their delivery of IT services, and believe that ours is a much better way.

We believe that it is improtant to offer the flexibility to change and add services as the business requires.

We believe that providing excellent support for all services is critical to the effective use of IT services.

We believe that consuming IT services is a much better model than owning and managing systems.

So what do we offer "as a service":

We offer a combination of all of the following "as a service" to suit our customer's requirements:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) - This is the compute, storage and network connectivity platform which we run our services from.
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) - These are the servers that deliver the services (which run on the IaaS platform).
  • SaaS (Software as a Service e.g. Web Service for Accounts Systems) - We deliver a number of services on a Software as a Service model ourselves, but can also work with any provider you work with.
  • DaaS (Desktops as a Service) - We run virtual desktops to provide you with access to your applications and data from wherever you are (and from whatever device you happen to have available).
  • MaaS (Monitoring as a Service) - We run our own monitoring platforms to better manage and support your services.

The closest current term for the combination of all the Blue Sky Systems services is XaaS (anything as a Service) or ITaaS (IT as a Service) where the overall IT system is delivered as a Service.