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Blue Sky Systems Platform and Systems have been designed to provide high levels of resilience to make sure your data is safe and services are always accessible. 

Blue Sky Systems offers a solution with a level of resilience only normally found within enterprise IT systems, but by utilising the most effective technologies available today we are able to offer this for a price which smaller organisations can afford.

All of your services will continue operating even if over 50% of the equipment in our datacenters fails. Your data is further protected by two additional backup systems. 

Primary Storage

This is the storage that your servers and desktops use while they are running.

This has been designed to tolerate the failure of up to 2 disks in any node, alongside the failure of up to 50% of the storage nodes.

Processing Resources

Our processing compute platforms are designed with an absolute minimum of N+1 resilience, although as cluster sizes grow we increase this to provide N+2 resilience.

In the unlikely event that a compute node fails then all services affected will be automatically restarted on one of the remaining nodes, restoring services within a few minutes.

Networks and Internet Connectivity

The local networks within our systems and the internet connection to our services have been designed to provide automatic and transparent failover should any piece of equipment or any link fail.


Our standard backup solution is based upon two stages of backups:

1. Initially a backup is taken to a separate storage system located in the same datacenter as the primary storage. This provides rapid recovery options and rapid recovery of complete systems or individual items should anything be accidentally deleted.

2. This local backup is then copied to a remote datacenter location (at least 40 miles from the primary datacenter), and written to a completely separate storage system.

The models of storage systems for the primary, local backup and remote backup all differ to ensure that all risks are mitigated.

If customers wish to have a copy of their data within their offices then this can also be added into the backup solution.

How Confident are we?

We are so confident in our designs and service that Blue Sky Systems itself uses platforms and backup systems of an identical design, configuration and management as those that we provide for our customers.