Client Hardware

To access the Blue Sky Systems services you will need to use a range of end-client hardware, much of which you probably own already.

Almost every device can connect to a hosted desktop or service, with access possible from anywhere with internet access.

Accessing Virtual Desktops...

Devices which are suitable for access include:

  • Your existing desktop PC.
  • Any smartphone or tablet.
  • Any laptop.
  • Your TV (with a suitable portable client).
  • An internet Cafe PC.

The graphical performance of clients differs, and if you require CAD functionality or highly graphical 3D applications then we would recommend a hardware zero client or an existing desktop PC.

If you are looking to reduce power consumption, then replacing existing hardware with zero clients will achieve this goal, and provide enhanced green credentials.

Please contact us to discuss which client hardware will suit your business, and we will be happy to discuss and work with you to find the right balance of cost, reliability, power consumption and portability to meet your requirements.


...from Zero Clients

A zero client is a hardware based client where there is no hard drive and a minimum of moving parts. These clients boot up and are configured to connect directly to the hosted desktop service.

These clients encode and decode the transmission between the client and the virtual desktop, using hardware which is significantly faster than a software solution, and therefore provide a much enhanced graphical performance, and are generally used for graphics or CAD users.

The zero client hardware is available as either a standalone client, or integrated with a display screen.



...from Thin Clients

A thin client is a software based client which encodes and decodes the transmission between the client and the hosted desktop using software.

These clients are significantly cheaper than zero clients. They are the ideal solution for accounts, admin, sales and many other office applications.


...from SmartPhones and Tablets

Two connection methods are supported for smartphones and tablets:

-       Connect through any HTML5 web browser directly to your desktop.

-       Connect using an app-based client (available from the relevant App Store).


...from Laptops

We recognise that many companies have invested in laptops for mobile staff, and a client is available which can be loaded onto any Windows or Apple OS-X laptop to connect to the hosted desktop service.

If VPN access is required this can also still be configured to the hosted servers within the system.

Laptops can also be converted using thin client software to effectively become thin client laptops, which allows enhanced security and requires minimal laptop support.


Convert Your Existing Workstations

Existing workstations can be converted in the same way as laptops, allowing them to become completely interchangeable and quick to repair.

Almost any existing workstation can be converted, although it does need the basics to work (just a functioning power supply, hard drive, processor, memory, graphics card and network adapter)!


...from Portable Clients

An increasing number of portable clients are now being produced which allow various additional options for connecting to hosted desktops, including lower cost Android software clients.


Accessing Hosted Servers:

A number of services provided from the Hosted Server systems also support a range of external clients including:

-       Email access on tablets/smartphones (Outlook ActiveSync).

-       Email access from web browsers (any device).

-       Lync access from clients.

-       Accounts systems via web browsers or apps.

-       CRM systems via web browsers or apps.

We will also support any server application from any browser or compatible app (e.g. Your Accounts application from a web browser).