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Are you ready to start utilising Cloud Technology in your business but don’t know which provider to choose?

Here are some key reasons why you should consider Blue Sky Systems;

We offer the full service;
We won’t just provide a box and expect you to know how to use it.  With us you get a fully managed service as standard.

Instant access to your desktop, documents and applications wherever you are, meaning you can work better with your existing devices.

Anytime access guaranteed – we manage the platform for you, ensuring that your IT is 'always on' and up-to-date.  

The benefits of a cloud platform;

  • All of the things you would expect from your IT without the need to invest in a server or worry about the safety of your data;
    • Email
    • File storage
    • Databases
    • CRM
    • Accounts systems
  • Whatever was open on your desktop when you last logged off will still be in exactly the same place when you log back on, even on another device!  So if you didn’t finish that important presentation in time, you can finish it when you get home on any other connected device.
  • We treat our cloud customers the same as our on-premise customers and we give you exactly the same guarantees;
    • Our technical know-how 24/7
    • Anytime access to your IT – on any device
    • Ultra resilient platform  backed by a 99.9% guarantee
    • Enterprise-grade anti-virus and firewalls
    • A dedicated support person
    • Backed up with ISO27001
  • Flexible pricing - you can choose from your own dedicated server or a cost-effective shared server option.
  • We’ll install, connect and manage your server, and protect it with N+1 resilience, enterprise-grade anti-virus and firewalls.

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Our primary focus is to deliver IT systems that work allowing you to manage your business and not worry about your IT. Communication is critical and with our UK teams we are always just a phone call away. If you want advice or information about Us then contact us.

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