Information Security Policy Statement

To meet our legal, contractual and regulatory obligations we employ an Information Security Management System across the business covering the following scope:

Provision of hosted IT solution and Services.

This therefore includes the company’s internal systems, complete with the provision of hosted IT services including the System Administration and Support services provided for these systems.

This provides for the requirements of our interested parties including the following: Directors, Employees, Customers, Investors, Shareholders, Insurers, Resellers, Key Suppliers, Information Commissioners Office, Solicitors, Accountants, Police, Emergency Services, Government Agencies.

Top support our Information Security Management Systems we are independently audited for compliance with ISO 27001, and also carry out internal audits to ensure we are adhering to our policies.

Our ISMS Policy is:

  • To review internal and external risk sources
  • To review and assess risks and policies against legal and regulatory obligations
  • To implement control measures to control, avoid, transfer or accept residual risks
  • To identify roles and responsibilities in relation to information security policies
  • To classify information and handle appropriately
  • To apply, enforce and document access controls
  • To identify, document, record and follow-up incidents affecting information security
  • To plan for business continuity and responses to incidents
  • To identify information security objectives and monitor against these objectives
  • To communicate information about information security clearly
  • To carry out internal audits to monitor against our policies, and correct items identified in these audits
  • To carry out management reviews of policies and processes
  • To ensure there are sufficient resources to meet our information security obligations
  • To ensure senior management are committed to the process
  • To continually improve and develop our information security arrangements and policies

To see our ISO27001 certificate please click here