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Backup and DR – keeping your business safe

Your data is your business. That’s why we prioritise it, with highly-resilient off-site back-up and disaster recovery (DR) systems which can be tailored to your business needs.

With multiple internet connections we ensure continuity of service should any equipment or link fail, you can rest assured that your service will continue.

In fact, we’re so confident in the resilience of our systems, we offer a 24/7 financially-backed 99.9% availability guarantee.

Great value back-up

Our back-up services have low set-up costs and monthly charges based upon the amount of data stored, along with initial copy (seeding) services to transfer large quantities of data if required.


Back-up solutions

We offer three back-up solutions to suit the needs of your business:

  1. Cloud back-up: Agent-based back-up for small and medium-sized server environments,using AES encryption.

  2. Veeam Cloud Connect: An extension to the popular Veeam back-up solution allowing off-site back-ups and recoveries to be efficiently and cost-effectively provided.
    We can set you up in three clicks if you already use Veeam, or get you up and running quickly if not. Moving your Veeam back-ups to the cloud gives you effective off-site back-up and data recovery if disaster strikes. You can use optional WAN acceleration if you’re on low speed lines to increase the transfer rates.

  3. Bespoke cloud back-up: Choose your favoured back-up product and VPN/network technologies and we’ll engineer it to deliver a tailored, off-site copy.


Disaster recovery

If the worst happens and you lose all your data from your on-site systems, our disaster recovery solution will make sure you get it all back, so you can be up and running again quickly.

Recovering from an IT disaster isn’t simply a case of restarting from your back-up. We’ll engineer a bespoke disaster recovery package for your business needs, taking into account your systems, applications and requirements, so that it works perfectly to preserve your data and is ready instantly if you need to restore your systems afterwards.

We bring together a number of components in our disaster recovery services, so you get:

  • Your servers running again (just in a different location)
  • Access to web-facing services through managed firewalls (terminal services, websites, email, etc.)
  • Applications available through terminal services
  • Application access through VPN solutions
  • Application and desktop access through hosted desktops for disaster recovery, built and tested to your specifications.

And we’ll configure, test and prove it works in advance, so you can rest assured it will work when needed.


  • Pay-as-you-go cloud back-up
  • Rapid recovery from integrated hosted servers in case of IT disaster
  • Enterprise-grade SAN systems in ISO 27001 UK data centres
  • Physical or virtual server support
  • UK-based data, protected by UK privacy laws – so your data stays in the UK
  • Dedicated, named support with a guaranteed 24/7 uptime SLA
  • Only pay for the storage resources you use (per GB per month)

Find Out More

Our primary focus is to deliver IT systems that work allowing you to manage your business and not worry about your IT. Communication is critical and with our UK teams we are always just a phone call away. If you want advice or information about Us then contact us.

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