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Hosted Desktops – always right where you left it

Whatever was open on your desktop last time you left it will still be in exactly the same place when you come back – on any device, anywhere.

With instant access to your desktop, documents and applications wherever you are, you can work better with your existing devices – meaning no expensive capital outlay.

Simple, secure access

Stored and run within a secure hosted environment on our servers, your hosted desktop will look almost identical to your normal desktop and, if your device is lost or stolen, no-one will be able to access it. Information from your keyboard, mouse, display and USB devices is transmitted securely, so you can rely on your information staying safe.

Internet is all you need

You can install and run programs, and print to your local printer, all with minimum power and capital requirements. In fact, all you need is an internet connection; you’ll just be connecting into the software on the high-powered secure server we host.

It’ll give you faster speeds and up-to-the-minute security, plus incredible resilience with back-up and disaster recovery built in.

Because it’s completely scalable, you can add or remove users to suit your requirements. And with our dedicated support, you’ll be able to keep your business running whenever you need it.


  • Standard software installed quickly with updates
  • Can install the software you want
  • Desktops perform at the speed of servers
  • Hardware for high performance 3D graphics
  • Data transmission adapts to deliver optimum performance within the bandwidth available
  • Dedicated Support
  • Always On
  • We take care of the backups
  • Large Range of devices to access

Access From Anywhere



Smart Phone








Thin Client

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Our primary focus is to deliver IT systems that work allowing you to manage your business and not worry about your IT. Communication is critical and with our UK teams we are always just a phone call away. If you want advice or information about Us then contact us.

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