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Truly Cloud

Are you ready to start utilising Cloud Technology in your business but don’t know which provider to choose?


Helping you on your journey to the Cloud

Our in-house Cloud platform offers you complete worry-free IT for your company.  Whether it’s a full migration of your existing IT platform or just extending some of your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, Blue Sky Systems could be the right choice for you.

Outsourcing all or some of your IT infrastructure, known as ‘Infrastructure as a service’ (IaaS) offers a whole host of benefits to you, your company and your staff.  It's easy to find a wealth of IT companies offering similar cloud services,  but do they offer the same level of service that Blue Sky Systems do?

Secure Services, Simply Delivered

Our platform, by default, comes with built-in resiliency which means that if your hardware fails, we will automatically set you up on a replacement without any impact on your productivity.  Some larger IT companies might only offer email support, but you can be assured of a highly skilled technician at the end of the phone; real people to deal with your problem immediately, as we know how precious your time is.  

Our simple pricing structure takes away the complexity of understanding what it is you need, and what’s even better, we don’t sell out-of-the-box solutions. All of our solutions are custom made, allowing you to choose how many desktops, servers and how much storage you need, it’s that simple!

So, no matter what your IT currently looks and performs like, rest assured that Blue Sky Systems can take you to the next level.  We offer the same services as some of the bigger IT brands but with the added personal touch.  Your dedicated support team will quickly get to know you and your business, leaving you to focus on what you do best - we do our business so you can do yours.


  • Enterprise Anti-Virus
  • Up to Layer 7 IPS firewalls
  • ISO 27001 Security
  • List X Datacenter
  • PCI compient datacenter
  • Full logging of access
  • Vulnerability Scanning


  • N+1 Server Resilliency
  • N+1 Power Resilliency
  • N+2 Cooling Reslliency
  • N+1 Storage Resilliency
  • N+1 Switch Resilliancy
  • Auto restart of fault
  • Redundant internet links