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Can I have a trial?

Yes – we offer trials for many of our services – please contact us here.

What level of support do you offer?

Our support is operated remotely, and you get the direct number of a dedicated support engineer who gets to know your business and team.

Our support policy includes dealing with all IT related issues, and we work with other providers so that your dedicated support engineer becomes your single point of contact for IT support.

Our monitoring systems also report any errors to us 24 x 7, and therefore issues are often picked up and resolved before you see them.

Can you integrate with existing services?

We are happy to provide hybrid services and can support a range of connectivity and VPN solutions to link services together.

One significant advantage with hybrid solutions is that access can be provided even if the majority of your on-site services are down for any reason.

Can you host bespoke services?

Yes – we can host almost any service.

This includes Accounts, CRM, Database, ERP, Website, Intranet, Phone and Management Reporting Systems.

With many bespoke and specialist applications you will have support from the vendor/developer. To ensure seamless support we ask that we are given permission to raise issues with the vendor/developer, and they are also given the same permission to raise support issues with us.

We use specific software programs, do you support these?

We can migrate any software programs you use, and even speak direct with the vendors so we can install any updates or upgrades required for you.

Do I need completely new hardware to access a Hosted Desktop?

No, is the simplest answer. As the desktop is hosted, as long as you have a working device that can connect to the internet you are good to go.

Sometimes there may be a need for client hardware, but don’t panic we can provide or recommend a device to suit your needs.

Will I lose any data when I switch to your Hosted Exchange?

No - we will make sure that all your emails are migrated across, and monitor the migration to guarantee this. We also carry out migrations over weekends/evenings to minimise disruption.

All our Hosted Exchange packages include support, anti-virus, anti-spam filters, and are backed up to separate local and remote data centres.

Who Owns my data?

Data ownership remains with the customer at all times.

We do not convert or modify your data in any way, and it is stored in the same way as it is when you create it (documents stored as files, etc…).

This allows you to use your data with any services you wish.

What about Microsoft licencing how is that sorted?

We include all Microsoft licensing as part of our monthly subscription fees, and this includes the operating systems, server systems and applications that are accessed through our services.

What about Anti-Virus?

Every service we provide is protected using enterprise-grade anti-virus solutions which are integrated with the hosting platform and are monitored.

All our email services also include anti-virus and anti-spam protection to keep these risks under control.

If I lose the Internet I can't work?

In fairness if you lose the internet in the office it will slow everyone down and limit what you can do.

With a hosted desktop you can just pick up your laptop, smartphone or tablet, find an internet connection and you're good to carry on.

Additional resilience for internet connections can also be provided with 3G/4G data as well as alternative options (broadband, etc...).

We already have an IT provider – how does this work?

IT arrangements vary significantly, and we will work with customers and IT providers to ensure effective support is provided.

For many companies the IT provider covers all support. We can still provide our services, but end user support would be handled by the existing IT provider in this scenario. We also still support the hosted platform, and assist with any escalated issues.

For other companies often there are a number of IT providers, each covering a specific area of the IT systems. We can provide specific parts of the IT systems complete with support for these areas, and would then look to have contact with the other IT providers to resolve any joint issues much more quickly.

We have an existing IT support team – how does this work?

There are a number of ways of working with existing IT teams - we will work with our customers to identify the right support arrangement.
Typical support arrangements include:
  • Joint support arrangements (we share the support work).
  • All level 1 support issues handled by IT support team (we just handle level 2+ issues).
  • All support is handled by the IT support team (we just provide hosting level support only).

How secure and private is my data?

We treat all your data with the strictest confidence. We will only disclose any of your data if required to do so by law (normally court order) or on request of a customer.

We provide a high level of security to your data with strong encryption, firewalling, security policies, maintaining updates to protect from the latest threats and covering all systems with enterprise anti-virus.