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Campus Wireless

As a trusted and recognised Aruba HPE partner, we continue to deliver enterprise Wi-Fi solutions to both the commercial and educational markets. With over 10 years’ experience across the whole Aruba HPE portfolio including ClearPass, we have kept up with market trends and continue to offer competitive and reliable solutions whilst always putting the customer first.

Our Approach

With the experience and knowledge of the Aruba HPE portfolio, we start with the basics. What do you need out of your Wi-Fi? We have onboarded customers who are simply looking for a reliable Wi-Fi solution that keeps up with the multi-device, BYOD (bring your own device) open plan offices to independent schools looking to completely lock down their network against threats.

How we deliver

Advice, technical spec, procurement, pricing and delivery is all undertaken by Blue Sky Systems. Between the team we all have capabilities to;

  • Understand the requirements
  • Deliver the specification required, making sure it is configured and installed efficiently and on time
  • Document, explain and teach end users
  • The commercial relationship allowing us competitive pricing which can be tailored to fit budgets
  • Manage and support upgrades, replacements and additional services such as Airwave and ClearPass

Why Work with Us

A reliable and secure Wi-Fi network is now such a key element across all markets, and coupled with the Aruba HPE technology and our technical understanding and capabilities, we make things work and continue to provide Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions to a bank of customers that just keeps growing.

“Blue Sky consistently demonstrate a technical and commercial understanding of the Aruba portfolio that is amongst the best in the industry. Their solutions and approach to complex situations illustrate ‘out of the box’ thinking and we are very happy to recommend them as a partner
Bob Vickers UK Director of HPE Aruba

Find Out More

Our primary focus is to deliver IT systems that work allowing you to manage your business and not worry about your IT. Communication is critical and with our UK teams we are always just a phone call away. If you want advice or information about Us then contact us.

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