Network Access Control

Aruba ClearPass

Blue Sky Systems are the UK's leading supplier of ClearPass which monitors and controls guest access to your network.  ClearPass has the intelligence to decide who can access your network and who can't .  It removes the risk by only allowing access to authorised users, and intelligently decides what areas of the network certain users can access, giving better controls for the Management team.

Visibility. Control. Response.

Malicious insiders and IoT-based attacks continue to grow, bypassing your perimeter security defenses. Learn how to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities to your enterprise networks.

Visibility is a critical issue for under-resourced Operations and Security teams. Gartner research shows that each employee uses an average of three mobile devices,2 and now, internet-connected things must also be considered. Factor in corporate guests, contractors and temporary employees, and the number of wired and wireless devices connecting to the network grows even higher. Without accurate data for all of these connected things, security gaps will appear and be exploited. Visibility is the first step toward closing that gap.

Control of devices is vital for enterprise security. Ensuring that only authorized and/or authenticated devices connect to your wiredor wireless network significantly reduces your risk and releases resources.

Response Your existing security tools—including security information and event management systems (SIEMs), firewalls and antivirus solutions—provide disparate actionable event data. Too many security tools provide too many possible security remedies. When threat data is unified, you can take simple, nuanced actions to suspend or disconnect malicious devices at the network layer and thereby limit loss—without the need for additional processes or resources. 

Secure access for guest, BYOD and corporate devices.

There are a number of ways to securely connect devices to a network – without compromising security. ClearPass features several tools to simplify connectivity, onboarding and endpoint configuration.

  • Know who is on your Wired & Wireless Network
  • Easy guest control with self sign-up via Captive Portal
  • Support for 802.1x and MAC Authentication
  • Device on-boarding mechanism with minimum IT involvement
  • Integration with firewalling and content filtering
  • Integration with MDM providers

And many more.........