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CAD in the Cloud

Remote Access, flexible working and accessing CAD when out of the office has always been a dream for many architectural and engineering companies.

Workstations for CAD, Graphics and 3D modelling have traditionally driven IT providers towards onsite high end workstations or heavy laptops which come at a premium, and lack flexibility for remote access.

Harnessing NVIDIA Grid technology, Blue Sky Systems are now able to deliver high end CAD graphics applications (including AutoCAD, Revit and Solidworks) on a hosted platform, allowing you to create, amend and access those all-important CAD Designs and data wherever you are and whenever you need them.

The graphics protocol delivers performance graphics over varying internet connectivity including Leased Lines, Fibre Broadband and 3G/4G mobile data services.

All design data is stored and backed up securely, so designers can work collaboratively no matter where they are located, allowing all information to be shared and accessed by all members of the design team.

Hosted workstations are customised with your existing windows applications and also work perfectly with all web-based systems including collaboration, snagging and accounts systems.

Accessing and amending your designs from any device has never been simpler. You can now work from your client’s office or construction site with the latest design information available on your laptop, tablet, thin client or even your smartphone.

The rest of the world are moving to the cloud, so isn’t it time you joined us?

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