Blue Sky Systems

Trusted IT Services

Your project. Our experience. No problem.

Your company and its goals are unique – which is why Blue Sky Systems only provide bespoke solutions. Our approach as an IT solutions company may be the same, but we consider every client and their needs individually to ensure they get technologies that fit their needs exactly.

Trusted IT knowledge

Our team have extensive technical backgrounds in engineering and IT infrastructure. We all have detailed knowledge and hands-on experience in networking (including wireless), virtualisation, storage, cloud technology, Veeam Cloud Connect and Microsoft applications.

Our extensive knowledge and experience are why we’re trusted by some of the UK’s largest companies to keep their data safe, with ISO 27001 security and G-Cloud (government-level security clearance) approval.


Expect The Best!


You can expect complete peace of mind when you partner with Blue Sky Systems. We offer:

  • A personal service tailored to your needs and preferences
  • Transparent solutions without hidden costs
  • No add-ons or extras that your business doesn’t need
  • Value for money and an IT system you can rely on

Our Ethos

We’re on a mission

Clear goals drive everything we do:

  • Meeting your specific needs with bespoke, high-performance hosted/hybrid services
  • Ensuring your services are always on with continuous monitoring and rapid response to issues 
  • Delivering the best possible customer service and support 
  • Helping you better manage your budgets by providing cost-effective solutions with billing that is stable and forecastable
  • Peace of mind and security of our clients’ data and systems.
  • Guaranteeing privacy with all services hosted and managed from UK facilities
  • A relentless and ongoing focus on maintaining and improving cybersecurity
  • Nationwide support for all your users, everywhere

We only ever recommend what you really need

IT is continually evolving, giving your business new opportunities to grow. We always to look at where technology is developing and how it may benefit you through enhanced services, reliability or cost savings. If a new technology can’t offer definite benefits, we won’t recommend it.

During our design discussion, we analyse what technology is available now and what is coming to market. By reviewing the design in this way, we can help to future-proof your infrastructure and ensure you get maximum value from your investments.

Making the best, better

Taking the best of the cloud technology market, we designed and built our own cloud platform, "Truly Cloud". We can offer our customers a complete 'in-house' service for added security and control. Our data centres are located in some of the most high-level secure environments in the UK. We can ensure your data is protected by military-grade security – and you never have any issues with sovereignty.


Clear sustainability at the heart

We take the environmental impact seriously. The IT industry in general produces a large amount of CO2 from production right through to the electricity it uses.  As a company that cares, we have reviewed how we can help to minimise our carbon footprint by making changes to the way that we operate our daily business. Firstly, we have teamed up with Lenovo and our Data Center to review the cloud products we offer and we are proud to say that we now off-set all new servers from their production of CO2.

Also, as part of the services we offer, on-site consultancy and IT maintenance require commuting to some of our clients, contributing a substantial amount of CO2 due to fossil fuel engines. However, there is also the consideration of brake pads and tyres and their human/wildlife impact on particulate pollution. The simple best way to combat this is decreasing travel or carpooling, as cars/public transport still uses brakes, etc. As such, we fully embrace homeworking (solving the commuting need) and we work remotely for our clients as much as possible.