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Desktops and Graphics Performance

Virtual desktops have been around for over 5 years, and many perceive they are the next thing to supersede Windows terminal services. This is due to each user having a separate instance of windows to themselves and the high speed delivery of additional users.

Throughout this technology there has been major improvements in the software to increase ease of access, bandwidth optimisation are amongst a long list. The lacking part has always been the graphics performance for the main business market, with the usual software emulated graphics providing lower performance than users have previously experiences on desktops.

With the release of the NVIDIA Grid range last year this has changed the graphics technology available, providing for the first time the ability to deliver high performance graphics.

This new technology allows video games to be delivered over a virtual desktop,  and also enhances the graphics performance for normal windows applications as well.

The take up of this new technology from the large cloud companies has been extremely limited and Blue Sky Systems wanted to change this. Blue Sky Systems offers every single desktop with hardware graphics, providing the follwing benefits to all our customers:

  • Internet browsers use grpahics hardware to decrease page display times, particularly on moving graphics now commonplace on many websites.
  • Google Earth has smoother interface.
  • Microsoft Office 2013 usees graphics hardware to enhance performance.