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Escaping to The Cloud

Everyone is talking about moving to “The Cloud”, and although there are many hosted services which have been around far longer than “The Cloud”, most would agree that the benefits of “The Cloud” now include:
  • Work from Anywhere.
  • Access to data and applications.
  • Access from any device.
  • Automated and Managed updates and patches.
  • Significantly Reduced Capital Expenditure.
  • Flexibility to expand and contract your IT system usage with your business needs.

All of which need to be achieved while maintaining or improving data security.

For many organisations an initial move to the Cloud has incorporated:
  • Email (hosted Email and Hosted Email AntiVirus and AntiSpam Filtering Solutions).
  • Accounts applications.
  • CRM and other operational systems.
  • Practice/case management systems.
In many cases Windows Applications are used to access the services for example:
  • Microsoft Outlook is used with the majority of hosted Email solutions.
  • Many CRM and Practice/case management systems have Windows and/or Microsoft Office plug-ins for full functionality.
  • Many systems have more limited functionality on mobile browsers and apps than on Windows desktops.

For many established businesses, historic business data is also of significant value. But many systems do not support the import of this data, and for those which do, conversion and import costs are often high.

Hosted Desktop technology has been moving forward rapidly in recent years. Recent improvements to Graphics Performance now deliver the same (or better) user experience even across home broadband connections, along with support for the mobile touch-based interaction now a key part of the solution (allowing seamless tablet / smartphone access across 3G/4G mobile and WiFi connections).

A “fast escape”!

By migrating to a hosted desktop environment you can gain the best of all worlds:
  • Access to your Cloud Hosted applications will be fast.
  • Full access to Windows applications, clients and historical data from any device.
  • Maintain productivity with familiar applications and systems.
  • Flexible working with flexible (but secure) access to your data.

Technology change is continuing to accelerate and over time existing applications will be replaced and upgraded, and by consuming your hosted desktops on a subscription basis you are free to move to new technologies and systems as they become available.

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