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Veeam Cloud Connect - Cloud Repository for your Veeam Backups

Easily integrate off-site backups with your existing Veeam environment with Cloud Connect services.

Expanding our existing Backup and Disaster Recovery Services, Blue Sky Systems is pleased to announce the availability of a Veeam Cloud Connect service.

Veeam Cloud Connect extends your Veeam Backup systems to the cloud by leveraging repositories hosted by Service Providers.

Easy Configuration

Configuration is as easy as 1-2-3:
  1. Request an Account from a Service Provider (free trial here).
  2. Configure a Service Provider (Under Backup Infrastructure in your existing Veeam 8 system) using the trial details emailed to you. This will add the repository to your Veeam system for use.
  3. Set your backup jobs to use the new repository.

Easy Billing & No Minimum Contact

The service is billed based upon two factors:
  • Storage used on the cloud repository (charged on a pence per GB per month basis).
  • Usage-based license cost per VM protected.

The simplicity of the service allows us to offer the service without any contract period.

Additional Services

In conjunction with the Veeam Cloud Connect service we can also offer:
  • WAN Acceleration - If you have a limited speed internet line we can also support Veeam's WAN acceleration with this service.
  • On-demand Disaster Recovery - If you need services up and running again we can deliver these within a few hours.

We also offer Veeam-based Disaster Recovery and Replicated Systems services - click here for more details.

Security and Data Location

In line with Blue Sky Systems principles and ethos, the Veeam Cloud Connect service is hosted in UK datacenters, and we encourage all customers to encrypt their Veeam backups at source using the functionality built into Veeam Backup and Replication Version 8.

Give it a Try!

Blue Sky Systems are offering free trials of the Veeam Cloud Connect service - Apply Here.

We also have a strong partner policy, and if you are an existing Veeam Partner looking for a Cloud Connect Service to offer to your customers then we will also be pleased to hear from you. Either apply for a trial to assess the product, or contact us directly.

How to Buy

Please contact us with your requirements and we will get you setup and running quickly.