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Where are YOU on YOUR cloud Journey?

Many organisations understand the benefits of "The Cloud", but the changes to deliver an IT system through cloud principles are often significant.

Let's start with a background of current IT solutions:
  • Traditional IT systems are based in server rooms on site, and mostly deliver services to devices located on site.
  • Cloud and Hosted IT services are provided from datacentres and are accessed across the Internet to any location.
  • Hybrid IT systems are architected to choose the right combination of On Site, Cloud and Hosted IT services to provide the services your customers need.
It is probably fair to say that the IT industry is changing at the fastest rate in history, with a vast array of solutions and options now available. In many ways this provides amazing services, but also raises concerns with many IT managers, Directors and Senior Management about making the right choices.

The more forward-looking organisations have already moved towards a Cloud/Hosted IT system, whilst there are many who are still purely On Site.

The industry move from On Site to Cloud solutions could be considreed to be a journely, involving a number of steps (both in technology terms and organisationally), with many of the following being part of many organisations journeys:
  • On Site Virtualisation (Server and/or Desktop)
  • Remote Access (Files and/or Applications)
  • Offsite Backup (Tape/Disk Transport, Alternative Site or Cloud)
  • Disaster Recovery (for your IT services)
  • Cloud File Storage (One Drive / Dropbox)
  • Cloud Mail/Cloud Applications (Google Apps / Office 365)
  • Web Applications (Software as a Service, etc...)
  • Hosted Servers
  • Hosted Applications
  • Hosted Desktops

So the big question is:
    Where are You on Your Cloud Journey?

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