From network to network - everywhere

A reliable, secure network connection is critical for any business that operates across multiple sites.

‘No matter where they are located, your employees must have access to the tools and applications they need to do their jobs effectively‘

Traditional multi-site network connections were never designed to handle the volumes of traffic created by internet-based cloud systems. Sending traffic back to a central data centre and then routing it back to branch offices is slow and inefficient, hurting overall productivity.

And this is where SD-WAN comes into play.

SD-WAN – optimised network connectivity for the cloud era

SD-WAN has been developed in response to the ‘cloud-centric’ world so that traffic is routed directly from the cloud to your individual branch offices. Bypassing the central data centre ensures the highest levels of network performance.

SD-WAN creates a new pathway for speed and efficiency and intelligently responds to any impairments on the network to ensure a consistent quality of experience for all your users.


What are the benefits?

SD-WAN can lower operational costs by replacing traditional MPLS systems and improving resource usage for multisite deployments. Network administrators can use bandwidth more efficiently and help ensure high-performance levels for critical applications without sacrificing security or data privacy.


app experience icon

Better application experience

  • Predictable, high-availability service for all critical enterprise applications
  • Cover any network scenario with multiple hybrid active-active links
  • Create an exceptional user experience with efficient, dynamically routed application traffic and application-aware routing
  • Improve OpEx by replacing expensive Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) services with more economical and flexible broadband (including secure VPN connections)

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More security

  • Build application-aware policies with end-to-end segmentation and real-time access control
  • Encrypt traffic to prevent interception (MPLS is not encrypted)
  • Integrated threat protection enforced in the right place
  • Secure traffic at every stage, across broadband Internet and into the cloud
  • Distribute security to the branch and remote endpoints with NGFW, DNS security, and NGAV

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Optimised cloud connectivity

  • Extend your WAN to multiple public clouds seamlessly
  • Optimise real-time performance for Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and other major SaaS applications
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency using optimised workflows for cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

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Simplified management

  • Configure and manage all your WAN, cloud and security controls form a single, centralised, cloud-delivered dashboard
  • Template-based, zero-touch provisioning for all locations: branch, campus, and cloud
  • Better understand your future growth requirements with detailed reporting of application and WAN performance for business analytics and bandwidth forecasting.