Disaster Recovery

It's only a disaster when you can't recover from it

Losing data is potentially disastrous. Operations grind to a halt, sales are lost, customers are dissatisfied, and regulators issue fines. Losing data simply isn’t an option for any business.

‘In the event of a disaster, your data needs to stay safe‘

This is a step-by-step blueprint which documents how your business stores its data – and how it will be recovered in the event of a serious IT event (such as a flood or fire that takes your head office out of action).

An effective disaster recovery plan will;

  • Restore your business operations as quickly as possible
  • Provide peace of mind that you have a robust plan in place
  • Reduce the risk of loss of business continuity and ultimately your revenue

Defining a Disaster Recovery plan

At the heart of a good DR plan are two factors: the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and the Recovery Time Objective (RTO). The RPO defines how much data you can afford to lose between backups. The RTO is used to determine how long you have between the system going down and coming back online.

In most cases, you want your RPO and RTO to be as close to zero minutes as possible in a disaster recovery plan for your business.

A job for experts

As your data estate continues to grow, traditional DR mechanisms like backup tapes will struggle to keep up. Then there is the issue of analysing your applications and their importance – and the relevant RPOs and RTOs to assign to each.

Blue Sky Systems can help you cut through the confusion and implement a future-ready technology platform to overcome your on-premise backup limitations. Our DR services can quickly recover your data to our cloud platform to reduce potential downtime and get your operations back online while the local disaster is resolved. 

Data recovered to the cloud can be returned to your on-site server or kept on our military-level secure cloud long term – whichever is most convenient and resilient for you.

Blue Sky Systems work with our clients to tailor a disaster recovery solution based on your operational priorities. We never sell off- the-shelf packages, instead, we tailor bespoke solutions to meet your individual requirements.


What backup solution do you offer?
We work with Veeam or VMware Cloud Availability suit.
What RPO and RTO do you support?
It depends on your data churn and internet connection. We have the ability to keep your data on hot storage for rapid recovery and can backup every 15 minutes.
How much will it cost?
It very much depends on what you need and the solution components. So give us a call, and we can discuss it.
Can you support high I/O servers such as MSSQL?
Depending on capacity, we can support some very high I/O requirements.
How do I access my DR environment?
In the event of running up the DR platform, there are a few options: VPN, Terminal Services or VDI.
Does Blue Sky Systems offer support services?
Yes, we offer different support packages on ClearPass that are dependent on your needs and requirements.
Does Blue Sky Systems offer training?
Yes, we can offer bespoke training on ClearPass either remotely or on-premise on a 1:1 or team audiences.