Wireless Site Survey

Taking the 'less' out of wireless

Wireless networking is an essential aspect of the modern workplace.

'It's time to stop battling with incorrectly deployed WiFi'

Organisations choosing to go free from wires with the preference for laptops over desktops are putting higher requirements on the WiFi system. Unfortunately, the increased flexibility of WiFi comes at the cost of performance. Slow connection speeds or coverage blackspots create a less-than-ideal environment for your employees and customers. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Before improving your WiFi network, you must first understand your current environment. Completing a wireless site survey will show an accurate picture of the current state of play and how the signal propagates through your building.

What will the report provide?

  • Provide a heat map of coverage throughout the building
  • Noise and interference information
  • Channel usage across the access point estate
  • Ability to replan access point placement
  • Professional view of your estate providing comments

Why choose a wireless site survey from Blue Sky?

Blue Sky go far beyond the basics of a traditional wireless site survey. Using Ekahau, we can provide additional insights, including real-time environmental factors such as your floor plan and wall materials, which are often overlooked.

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By deep diving into your environment, Blue Sky will help you locate access points in the right locations with the optimal configurations to ensure you get the ultimate WiFi experience for unbeatable performance and reliability. And if required, we can also specify and source WiFi network hardware to deliver additional improvements. The Ekahau wireless site survey automatically locates and places all nearby access points on a map of your premises. Instant post-survey analysis with easy-to-read, beautiful, crystal-clear heatmaps ensures we know exactly how to get the best Wi-Fi connectivity across your site.


Ekahau heat map

An example of a typical heat map.