Wireless & Networking

Wired or wireless IT network - we're here to keep you connected

The IT network is the backbone of your organisation.

‘Fast, robust wireless networks you can rely on‘

Without a fast, reliable and resilient on-premise network, your teams will never reach maximum productivity.

We’re here to help you identify opportunities for improvement that will help you stay ahead in the fast-moving world of IT. Wired or WiFi, we’ll find the right solution for your networking headaches.

Working with Dell, Aruba HPE, Extreme Networks and Mellanox, we have a wealth of experience in delivering fast, robust wireless networks – working from edge to spine, we deploy solutions for small businesses to large multi-site campuses.

Aruba CX6100

What do you need out of your Wi-Fi?

We have onboarded customers who are simply looking for a reliable Wi-Fi solution that keeps up with the multi-device, BYOD (bring your own device) open plan offices to independent schools looking to lock down their network against threats completely.

How we deliver


Advice, technical spec, procurement, pricing and delivery is all undertaken by Blue Sky Systems. Between the team, we all have the capabilities to;

  • Understand the requirements
  • Deliver the specification required, making sure it is configured and installed efficiently and on time
  • Document, explain and teach end users
  • Manage and support upgrades, replacements and any additional services required

How to Manage WiFi

There are multiple ways to manage WiFi systems, each having its own advantage. The pro and cons are more around your needs and circumstances driving the correct solution for you. We at Blue Sky Systems can discuss your requirement and off the most affection management type:


Best value and simple installation for small to medium low complexity requirements. Offering single point of management due to their clustering capabilities allowing you to configure one Access Point (AP) and then the changes are pushed to the others.


The pinnacle in control and security with high speed ASICS providing role-based firewall and traffic shaping.

Cloud Controller

The ultimate control in multi-site deployments for rapid zero-touch and central configuration. The cloud system has security with AI systems, location awareness and central configuration managing 1 to many sites.

How can we help you improve network security?

There are three keys to building an on-premise network that balances security with the needs of your business and its customers – visibility, control and response.

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Knowing exactly what is connected to your network is the first step to understanding how infrastructure is being used – or misused. Blue Sky Systems solutions provide additional visibility you can better plan future IT network expansion and to optimise existing connections. You can also quickly identify malicious activity and activate your emergency response as appropriate.

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As BYOD and remote working become the norm, your business needs greater control over who and what is connecting to the network. As the UK’s leading supplier of ClearPass, network access control, Blue Sky Systems can help you remove risk by only allowing access to authorised users. ClearPass intelligently decides what areas of the network certain users can access, giving you better control of your IT network assets.

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Virtually every organisation will eventually experience an IT network security breach. Blue Sky Systems can unify your existing security tools to better manage procedures, accelerating your response and limiting the potential damage caused. You can take simple, nuanced actions to suspend or disconnect malicious devices at the network layer and thereby limit loss —without the need for additional processes or resource