Managed Firewall

Keeping your business secure

Firewalls are your first line of defence against external cyber threats. But as criminals get smarter, keeping them out is a full-time job.

‘Perimeter security you can trust‘

Your IT environment is also becoming more complex. As well as the on-premise data centre, you have data stored in various cloud services to consider. This means that the rack-mounted firewall in your data centre probably isn’t providing as much protection as you think.

This is where managed firewalls for businesses can help plug the gaps.

Why choose a managed firewall?

A managed firewall is designed to go far beyond basic network perimeter defence. By taking a multi-layered defence approach, this new breed of firewall provides robust cyber security features both at the edge of a business network (including the cloud) and at the core of the internal network too.

In addition to controlling network access, a managed firewall could also include:

  • Log monitoring – to assess network health and spot potential problems or hacking attempts.
  • VPN configuration – to simplify access control for your remote workers.
  • Patch management – to ensure that client devices are properly secured against potential threats.
  • Ticketing and tracking services – to better manage end-user requests for assistance.
  • Restricted data flow settings (inbound/outbound) – to prevent sensitive data from being exposed and to maintain GDPR compliance.


As you migrate more business functions to the cloud, the increased requirement to meet privacy security regulations means that simply updating hardware is not a sufficient means of securing a suitable level of online protection. Managed Firewalls for business services ensures that you are protected through a proactive unified threat management approach.

Why choose Blue Sky Systems for managed firewall services?

We are much more than a system reseller. In addition to helping you identify and implement the best firewall technology for your business, we also offer a fully managed service.

This means that our deeply experienced network security engineers take responsibility for managing and maintaining your firewall. And that your senior decision-makers can rest easy, knowing that your network is properly secured against hackers using industry best practice principles.