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Veeam Cloud Connect

Looking for backup and cloud disaster recovery?  Give Veeam Cloud Connect a try...


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What do I need to use the service?

To transfer backups to the trial service you will need a Veeam V8 or above server installed within your VMware or HyperV environment. If you are under support with Veeam Cloud Connect you can upgrade at no cost, alternatively trials can be obtained directly from Veeam.

We will provide connection instructions which will get you working with the cloud disaster recovery service within a few minutes.

Security and Data Location

Your data is your business. That’s why we prioritise it, with highly-resilient off-site back-up and data recovery systems which can be tailored to your business needs.

And with multiple internet connections to ensure continuity of service should any equipment or link fail, you can rest assured that your service will continue.

In fact, we’re so confident in the resilience of our systems, we offer a 24/7 financially-backed 99.9% availability guarantee.

In line with Blue Sky Systems principles and ethos, the Veeam Cloud Connect service is hosted in UK datacenters, and as a UK based company, we are governed by UK and EU privacy laws.

We also encourage all customers to encrypt their Veeam backups at source using the functionality built into Veeam Backup and Replication Version 8.

Our Veeam Cloud Connect Service also supports:

  • Encryption (please note encryption keys are only retained by customers, and therefore are completely secured. We ask our customers to retain keys securely data cannot be recovered without them).
  • WAN Acceleration.
  • Only pay for the storage resources you use (per GB per month).
  • Enterprise-grade SAN systems in ISO 27001 UK Datacenters.
  • Straightforward pricing: pay per GB of storage, with no Bandwidth (for backup or restore) or setup fees
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Use as much bandwidth as you need –we have large pipes to the internet and don't contend
  • Included Support

How does it work?

Your VM's backup through Veeam as normal. A copy job is created to send the data to a service provider. The copy job reads the backup files before sending them through to the service provider protecting against Ransome attacks. To transfer the data the link uses an SSL connection to fully encrypt data as it is sent to our Data Centre. Within Veeam you also have the option to encrypt at rest as well.

What Our Customers Say

We had been considering copying our Veeam backups offsite for a while and received quotes from several companies.  We were impressed with the total cloud disaster recovery solution offered by Blue Sky Systems and decided to select them to provide our offsite backup using Veeam Cloud Connect.  The setup was expertly handled and we were up and running in a very short timescale.  Support has been excellent and we would gladly recommend Blue Sky Systems for this service.
St Edmund's College

We sought several quotes for our Veeam Cloud backup repository and mistakenly went  with the cheapest.  After several months of the slows speeds and failed backups we moved to Blue Sky Systems.  Pricing was good but most of all the performance and support from day one has been fantastic.
Global MSI

What is included in a trial?

We provide 250GB storage quota for 30 days to give you enough space and time to confirm this service will meet your needs. We can extend the storage and trial period beyond this if needed.

Trial Request

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