Agile IT for students and staff

Delivering state of the art IT solutions for education; enabling a flexible, reliable and safe user experience for both staff and students.

Why choose Blue Sky Systems?

With so many stakeholders to manage, you need to be confident that the IT service provider you choose to partner with can help you achieve your IT goals.  Blue Sky Systems already offer IT solutions for the education industry and understand how tricky it can be to navigate your way through deploying large scale projects on-site whilst still maintaining day-to-day IT services for staff and students.

Education as a sector has had to find new ways of working, and adapt to change at considerable speed - for some establishments who were already utilising Cloud technology the change was less of a challenge, yet for others it has become the catalyst for starting their own digital transformation.  Adapting to new ways of working is thankfully not a short-term approach, the hard work and efforts to 'mobilise' your IT will guarantee you can continue to offer modern, flexible learning to students now and in the future.


Education infographic


By partnering with Blue Sky Systems you can choose to use us alongside your incumbent IT department or we can solely manage your entire infrastructure.  Other benefits of working with us on IT solutions for education include;

  • Guaranteed future proofing to ensure you can continue to provide state-of-the-art learning
  • Safeguarding as standard - our safeguarding protocols ensure your students stay safe whilst browsing the internet but we also provide reporting to alert you to potentially harmful web browsing, so that students wellbeing can be monitored and supported where necessary
  • Robust hardware - we have 'damage-proof' solutions to ensure your on-site hardware maintains usability
  • Effective budget management with transparent monthly billing