ClearPass Network Security

Secure Network Access Control

Data is one of your organisation’s most valuable assets. So, it’s no surprise to see network security become a strategic priority for most.

What is Aruba ClearPass?

Granular control and automated network enforcement

Network segmentation and zero trust is paramount to modern security. However, this has led to a large burden on the networking team to change the switch configuration and also know it is required. Users can move equipment with IT's knowledge or leaving unused configured ports. This leads to a security risk, allowing others to plugin accessing sensitive data.

The ClearPass difference

ClearPass is the only policy platform that centrally enforces all aspects of enterprise-grade access security for any industry. It offers true device-agnostic capabilities with both end devices and network devices. Granular policy enforcement is based on a user’s role, device type and role, authentication method, UEM attributes, device health, traffic patterns, location, and time of day. Deployment scalability supports tens of thousands of devices and authentications, surpassing the capabilities offered by legacy AAA solutions. Options exist for small to large organizations, from centralized to distributed environments.

Automate Network Access

With ClearPass, organizations can deploy wired or wireless using standards-based 802.1X enforcement for secure authentication. ClearPass also supports MAC address authentication for IoT and headless devices that may lack support for 802.1X.

ClearPass Device Insight provides next-generation profiling capabilities to ClearPass Policy Manager through a cloud-based machine learning algorithm that also leverages deep packet inspection support. Authentication methods can be used to support a variety of use cases concurrently. It also includes support for multi-factor authentication based on log-in times, posture checks, and other context such as new user, new device, and more. There are multiple integration options with Intune, Active-Directory, JAMF and other sources to provide fine-grained control. Contextual data from these profiled devices allows IT to define what devices can access either the wired, VPN, or wireless network. Device profile changes are dynamically used to modify authorization privileges. For example, if a Windows laptop appears as a printer, ClearPass policies can automatically deny access.

What are the key functions?

ClearPass has a lot of functions of what it can do but to list some:

  • Onboarding new devices
  • Guest Registration allows for self-registration
  • MPSK device registration is great for boarding etc
  • Device profiling so you know what is on your network
  • Device compliance checking to confirm if the device is safe to be on the corporate network

Blue Sky Systems and ClearPass

Blue Sky Systems is one of the UK's leading ClearPass installers, trusted by IT resellers and organisations such as Man Truck & Bus.

We offer white-label services and direct services for design, installation, and support, including managed service for configuration changes and updates. We can provide ClearPass as a fully managed service and host on our cloud platform, offering greater redundancy.

We would love to talk about all our successes with customers. Give us a call, and we can run through your requirements.

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