ClearPass Network Security

Security solutions that really work

Data is one of your organisation’s most valuable assets. So it’s no surprise to see network security becomes a strategic priority for most.

‘As the modern IT network becomes larger and more complex, securing data and systems against unauthorised access is a full-time job‘

Do you have the resources, knowledge and experience to keep determined, skilful cybercriminals out of your network?  We have some of the UK's best consultants at your disposal.

Blue Sky Systems offer a broad range of network security for services to help improve the security of your network from the inside and out, including:

Perimeter security

Network security for businesses begins at the network perimeter. Our security experts will help you analyse firewall configurations, optimise settings, and source upgraded defence systems to keep malicious activity away from your network.

Access control and ClearPass

ClearPass is a role-based Network Access Control (NAC) system to control who can access what network and when. Blue Sky Systems can work with you to understand what is connected to your network, who is accessing your network and whether your current security controls are sufficiently granular to properly protect systems and data. 


ClearPass user interface


We can also implement smart policy management that streamlines and automates network access control. With support for all the major protocols, ClearPass controls who and what connects to your network using role and device-based rules.

Internal Security

Neither sexy nor exciting, antivirus (AV) is still a crucial tool in the fight against cybercrime. Ransomware remains a constant threat to your operations – and antimalware tools are an important layer of defence against it. 

The Blue Sky Systems team can help you identify the right AV to protect your network assets – on-premise, on the road and in the cloud.

What are the key functions?

ClearPass has a lot of functions of what it can do but to list some:

  • Onboarding new devices
  • Guest Registration allows for self-registration
  • MPSK device registration is great for boarding etc
  • Device profiling so you know what is on your network
  • Device compliance checking to confirm if the device is safe to be on the corporate network

Network security strategy planning

As your business migrates services to the cloud, the network edge becomes ever more blurred. Our team can help you plan your migration to ensure that data is protected at every step of the journey – and that everything is configured for maximum security from day one.