Virtual Desktops

Making hybrid working work

As your business expands and hybrid working becomes the norm, the workplace must be resilient, secure and reliable.

Virtual desktops powered by our own cloud platform, Truly Cloud, offer your business a flexible working environment that matches modern day computing needs.

Gone are the days of being tied to a specific computer or location. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, virtual desktops ensure that you have the same familiar desktop experience across all your devices. No more worrying about transferring files or syncing data manually – everything is stored securely in the cloud, ready to be accessed whenever you need it.

Empower your team to work wherever they want, however they want with the ultimate high performance flexible solution. With just a few clicks, you and your team can have their entire desktop, including all of their applications and data, available on any device with an internet connection.

'Research has shown companies that embrace flexible working can attract more talent, improve staff motivation and reduce staff turnover – boosting their business’s productivity and competitiveness.' according to the Government website.

The beauty of virtual desktops lies in their flexibility and scalability. Need to collaborate with a colleague on a project whilst working remotely? You can both work on the same files in real-time, regardless of your physical location. It's like having a virtual office that you can carry with you wherever you go offering true hybrid working. Not only that, working remotely means you dont have the daily commute to worry about, meaning you can create a better work life balance for your team. Remember, a team of remote workers is just as productive as one that uses office spaces as long as you arm them with reliable stress free IT to allow them to get on with their job without facing unnecessary IT issues. Face to face time with your team members is equally as important, which is why agile working gives you the choice to do both. Whether your team work full time, part time or condensed work hours - everyone can benefit from an agile working environment. Virtual desktops benefit both employers and employees no matter what your working week looks like.

Speed with substance

Speed and reliability are crucial for a distributed workforce which is why we engineered our solutions to have the substance you would expect, but with powerful speed capabilities that maybe you wouldn't.  Have you heard of a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)? chances are you haven't.   Essentially, it is a specialised processor designed to accelerate graphics speeds, which in turn boosts the overall performance of your VDI.  Some businesses believe GPU's are only needed by organisations using CAD/CAM as they rely heavily on having powerful computing capabilities - however recent research shows that everyone can benefit from having super boosted processing speeds;

"because many modern workloads are also becoming increasingly resource-intensive, they’re turning to GPU-powered virtual desktop systems to support their remote workers."

The best part is that GPU's come as standard with all our solutions including our virtual desktops. No hidden charges, just exceptional performance to give you the best experience with your everyday computing.

Security is key

Security is our top priority with Truly Cloud's virtual desktops. Your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, ensuring that only authorised users can access it. Additionally, regular backups and robust security measures protect your files from any potential threats or data loss. You can rest easy knowing that your sensitive information is in safe hands.

There are many large brands that offer virtual desktops, but due to their size and business model, they are unable to offer flexible solutions that work for small to medium sized businesses. Often SME's end up with an off the shelf 'one size fits all' package that includes features that they simply wont use and dont need - but still they end up paying for. Our flexible tailor-made solutions offer many benefits that you wouldnt get elsewhere;

Transitioning to Truly Cloud is a breeze, as our team will assist you in seamlessly migrating your existing desktops. Rest assured that our service is trustworthy and reliable, backed by uptime service level agreements (SLAs).


The benefits of Truly Cloud remote desktops

  • A fully managed service – including optional end-user support - takes the pressure off your IT team
  • Improved productivity and efficiency as your employees can access key systems any place, any time
  • Improved performance and resilience thanks to redundant hardware failover and high-specification virtual machine configurations
  • Simplified transition process as we help you migrate existing desktops to Truly Cloud
  • Trusted, reliable service thanks to uptime SLAs that cover infrastructure and all your services too



Reasons you should adopt a digital workspace over a physical one;


People -Empower your team, making them feel confident and trusted to work from wherever works best for them.

Workplace flexibility - The freedom to design their own work-life balance and increase their productivity - allowing your team to work the way they want with flexible working arrangements.

Employee and Employer Choice - By giving your team the right high performance, reliable tools to do their job well can help them achieve the right balance. This enables you to meet different employee needs whilst satisfying the needs of your business too.

Collaborative workspaces - Nothing beats face- to-face collaboration but by enabling real-time, immersive collaboration, between and across teams and multiple locations can achieve the same output whilst keeping your team happy.


How do I get started?

Setting up and managing your virtual desktop is a breeze. With an intuitive interface, you can easily customise your desktop environment to suit your preferences. Install your favorite applications, organize your files, and personalise your settings – all with just a few clicks. And if you ever need assistance, Truly Cloud's dedicated support team is always ready to help.

We can migrate your existing IT infrastructure to our Windows Virtual Desktop platform within days, so you can start enjoying all the benefits of cloud computing quickly. Once you are live, we can rapidly deploy a new cloud desktops as needed

Roughly how much does it cost?

Use our quick calculator for an example of what your monthly costs could look like - these costs include; Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI),  Anti-Virus, Backup, Enterprise File Access (price dependant on storage size), and Platform Support (individual end-user support can be included if selected)

Answer these few simple questions to get an indication of how much VDI could cost you.  For a more detailed quote click 'Request Quote' and we will be in touch.
Number of users needing a virtual desktop (VDI)
If you know how much storage your business needs then use the slider below. If you aren't sure just leave it as 10GB (default) and we can chat to you about what you need.
If you would like all of your VDI users to be able to access IT support then click 'Yes'. If you just want your main IT contact to be able to access IT support then click 'No'. (Support covers any IT related issue such as help with Office 365 or even problems with your printer)
Cost: £0


What is Truly Cloud?
Truly cloud is just the name for our platform, just like Microsoft’s ‘Azure’. Cloud is only one string to our bow, however it is one of the most important. Truly Cloud was designed and architected in-house by our talented Technical Directors. They know the IT industry inside out and designed a platform that offers one of the most flexible tailored solutions available to small to medium businesses. You get an Enterprise level solution without having to have an Enterprise sized budget!
How quickly can you set up virtual desktops for my company?
It's very possible for us to set up a full cloud solution for you within a matter of days.
How much do virtual desktops cost?
Try our simple online calculator for an estimated cost for deploying virtual desktops in your business. We will then follow up with you to give a more accurate picture based on your individual business needs.
How quickly can you add or take away users as my company grows?
Cloud computing is super scalable so we can change your number of users within an hour.