Lee Baron

“With Covid-19 lockdown we were able to continue working with zero impact on the business”

Migrating their IT to a cloud solution gave them the robust, reliable solution they were after.


Founded in 1977, Lee Baron is a specialist property management firm of 150 dedicated professionals headquartered in London and operating nationwide. Their Surveyors, Finance and Facilities Management teams work side-by-side in real time collaboration to deliver a tailored, personal service to their clients. Above all else, they share a commitment to excellence in every aspect of their business.
Blue Sky Systems has been working with Lee Baron for a number of years and has already got them to a place where they had zero on-premise servers, and all of their IT was managed and maintained off-site.  Migrating their IT to a cloud solution gave them the robust, reliable solution they were after and in the words of John Jackson (IT Director), they had ‘hit their nirvana’.

What did Blue Sky Systems do?

In the early days, our original brief was to provide a complete cloud platform that needed to work with their existing bespoke systems, and the migration to the cloud had to be seamless.  John knew they could get the same cloud service from another of the bigger providers, but he recognised that they needed that extra level of customer service that is harder to find; the supplier who goes beyond the brief and liaises directly with all of the incumbent vendors to ensure they achieve the most efficient, reliable IT platform they have had to date.  John noted ‘a true display of team-work’ from everyone involved.

Fast forward 6 years and the system still ‘just works.’  On the odd occasion when Technical Support has been called, John has experienced a swift resolution, even out of hours, which is something he wasn’t expecting.  Every member of the Blue Sky Systems technical support team knows Lee Barons IT inside out, therefore any problem big or small can be escalated with speed and efficiency.

Blue Sky Systems Directors
Person sitting on a cloud

Enter Covid-19 in early 2020 and Lee Baron could rest easy, safe in the knowledge that their business would not have to face the IT issues that others were sadly having to face.  This was down to the fact that pre-pandemic, they had resolutely insisted on having no on-premise servers.  
Jonathan Bastin, Director at Blue Sky Systems noted “By utilising our IT-as-a-service (IaaT) this enables Lee Baron to run their server software plus their virtual desktops on our platform, meaning that no data is ever stored on their machines.  This gives total flexibility and a ‘work from anywhere’ solution for the whole team”

We asked John how he had found working with Blue Sky Systems over the last 6 years, and he noted “amazing flexibility when it comes to adding new tools to our IT armoury.  In a matter of minutes, Blue Sky Systems have deployed new servers for us”.  He also noted the fact that he likes having the ability to add or remove virtual desktops as required and only gets billed for those in use.It's safe to say that Lee Baron continues to be a happy customer of Blue Sky Systems, and we look forward to continuing to work with John and the team in the future.