What's going on in the world of Blue Sky Systems

This year, we have reviewed our communications and as you may have noticed, we have refreshed our brand and messaging. Part of this process involved re-discovering what we are here for, why we do what we do and how we serve our customers in the best possible way. What some might call going back to basics. For our first blog, since the brand refresh, we wanted to share our journey with you, back at the beginning when Blue Sky Systems was founded by Jonathan Bastin and Daniel Davis in 2014.

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Jonathan and Daniel were both passionate about ‘tech’ from a young age, so IT was a natural career choice for them both. Daniel completed a Masters in Systems Engineering and enjoyed a lengthy career with a giant IT reseller where he architected large scale projects for global brands. Jonathan also excelled as a Systems Architect for large corporates for many years before the two of them met through work and discovered a mutual desire to bring Cloud IT to the often-forgotten SME’s. It was noticeable to both, that the early adopters of Cloud Technology were the large corporates with the in-house IT teams and sizeable IT budgets to match. They quickly noticed that the SME’s were being left behind and this is how Blue Sky Systems was founded.

Enabling SME’s to start their journey to the Cloud is what continues to make Blue Sky Systems tick. We offer a hand-holding approach to businesses who have a desire to modernise their IT and benefit from the efficiencies that Cloud offers. Most of our clients either don’t have an IT team to lean on, or their IT team don’t have the right skillset to make it happen. Our unique approach is to deliver the best IT infrastructure for each client, based on their individual needs – our solutions are bespoke for every customer, which means that they never have to pay for products or services they don’t need.

Our ethos is to make great businesses even better by providing them with stable, reliable and most importantly secure IT solutions that transform the way that they operate. More noticeably in a post-pandemic world, we have seen how our IT solutions have enabled our clients to offer greater flexibility to their workforce, resulting in increased productivity and a better work/life balance for their staff.

For Blue Sky Systems, IT isn’t just a career, it’s our passion.