What's going on in the world of Blue Sky Systems

Blue Sky Systems will continue to sell, support and manage VMWare by Broadcom products going forward.

In summary, the new vSphere line up consists of 4 core packages;

vSphere Essentials Plus Kit - All in one solution for small businesses to virtualise physical servers and reduce hardware costs. Including;

vSphere Essentials Plus
vCenter Essentials

vSphere Standard - Industry leading server virtualisation solution for data centre consolidation and enhanced application availability. Including;
vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi)
vCenter Standard

vSphere Foundation - Enterprise workload platform to optimise the data centre for organisations of all sizes. Including;
vSphere Enterprise Plus
vCenter Standard
Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
Aria Suite Term Standard
Possible add-ons are likely but the details are still being rattified

VMWare Cloud Foundation - Enterprise class hybrid cloud solutions for large and midsize customers. Including;
SDDC Manager
vSphere with Tanzu
VMWare Aria Suite
vCentre Services

End User Computing (EUC)
No change and will remain as it is

If you are interested in any of the VMWare by Broadcom core packages please get in touch with the team today and we will help you to choose the right one for your business.

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