What's going on in the world of Blue Sky Systems

AI has been around since the 1950’s but most people best know it for things like Siri, Alexa, robotic vacuums and more recently ChatGPT. But behind the scenes, AI is evolving at a rapid pace and the Head of Google’s AI division, OpenMind, predicts that ‘human-level’ AI could be just a few years away.

But what does the arrival of artificial general intelligence (AGI) – ‘systems that can think in similar but superior ways to humans’ actually mean for us? With processing speeds far beyond the capabilities of humans, will it end in ‘doom’ for humanity as the ChatGPT creator thinks it could?

As warnings of artificial intelligence apocalypse continue to grow, we can’t help but think back to the Sci-Fi movies of the 1980’s…anyone else getting flashbacks to The Terminator?


 Joking aside, it is reassuring to know that security is at the core of these technological developments, so we can rest easy;

However, the future of AI will surely impact all of us as its capabilities continue to expand. It has already been used to design new rocket engines, create articles, look for network threats and even written a storyline in South Park! Right now, humans are using it to assist with their roles but with the constant development and learning, we may find that the amount of human input will decrease like robots in a factory. To some extent, we are seeing the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century happen all over again with the birth of AI and the processing speeds at which it is capable of.