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You already know that the way you use data will define the future success of your business. And behind the scenes, technology is the key enabling factor.

But you also realise that more IT requires more resources to ensure everything is running correctly and that you are realising the maximum return on your investments. You also know that IT skills don’t come cheap. So how do you balance the need for new technologies with the limited resources you have at your disposal to support them?

By moving to a managed IT support services model.

What does managed IT support look like?
Ultimately, managed IT support allows your senior members of staff to significantly reduce the time they spend worrying about IT. They can then devote their attentions to the activities which will help carry your business forwards.

A true Managed IT Support Service offers a complete set of key services designed to reduce pressure on your in-house resources and help you achieve your strategic IT goals:

On-Site support
•    Carrying out daily user support.
•    Supporting infrastructure and services (including servers, networking and internet filtering/connectivity).
•    Maintaining physical equipment such as desktops, servers and projectors.

Remote support:
•    Providing escalation of issues that on-site staff are not able to resolve without additional assistance.
•    Service Delivery Management:
•    Providing management, guidance and support for the staff, including target-based goals for service delivery.
•    Interfacing the schools Senior Management on all IT issues.
•    Providing IT service reporting.
•    Supporting the learning and development required to maintain and improve the teams’ skills.

Monitoring & Pro-active Support:
•    Monitoring the IT systems to record and alert faults which will affect the end users.
•    Investigating and resolving issues, including working on recurring issues to further improve the IT systems.

•    Identifying items which require investment to further develop the IT systems.
•    Reviewing the long-term strategic IT plan with Senior Management.
•    Developing and maintaining the long-term strategic IT Plan.
•    Implementing the strategic plan

Here at Blue Sky Systems we are never further than a phone call away. Our dedicated IT support helpdesk is available 24/7 so you can always get help and advice whenever you need it. We can also arrange regular on-site visits from one of our engineers to ensure your IT systems are fully optimised for best performance.

To learn more about managed IT support services and how Blue Sky can help your business achieve more, please give us a call on 0330 0101 550.