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If you are an Educational Institution looking to take your IT to the next level then look no further.

At Blue Sky Systems we believe in delivering honest, transparent IT services combining the highest level of security with the minimum of fuss.

Why choose Blue Sky Systems to work with your school?

With so many stakeholders to manage, you need to be confident that the IT service provider you choose to partner with can help you achieve your IT goals.  Blue Sky Systems already work in this sector and understand the IT issues that you might already face and may be looking to overcome.  Maybe you are looking to utilise cloud technology to enhance your current on-site platform but don’t know where to start?  Luckily for you we are experts in cloud technology, from our own in-house systems to Office 365 and beyond, we are ready to help you integrate it with your current systems to maximise your IT infrastructure.  Or maybe you are looking for additional support on-site?  We can work parallel with your IT Team both onsite and remotely giving you a flexible approach to IT support. By choosing Blue Sky Systems to strengthen your current IT department, you can continue to deliver best in class IT for your staff and students.

We don’t put any limit on how many issues you can escalate and we will happily accept IT support requests from any member of your in-house team, be it teachers, support staff or the existing IT department.  No request is too trivial.  We will happily work with you rectify issues with a jammed printer, an over-heated projector or setting up a personal smart phone, right through to managing your staff and students data and ensuring your teaching software is always up and running – we can act as the go-to IT team in your school.

  • Providing an up-to-date I.T platform for staff and students

Keep your students up-to-date with the market so that they are proficient in the IT skills they need in everyday life after school. You will want to equip them with IT skills to set them up on the right path to success.

  • Staying ahead in I.T

This is always a challenge for the education sector and you need to have IT systems that are flexible and can adapt to your changing needs, this is especially important when there are changes imposed by Ofsted.  We will be on-hand to ensure seamless integration of any new systems or procedures both now and in the future.


With Ofsted safeguarding measures that have been put in place, protecting the privacy and security of your student's is more crucial than ever before.  Ensuring your student's stay safe whilst browsing the internet is of paramount importance, but we will also provide reports that alert you to what your student's are searching for, helping you to proactively manage their wellbeing and take appropriate action if necessary.

Robust I.T hardware

This is a must in schools as we all know that children will be children, and believe us, we have seen it all!  For this reason we can provide additional security measures such as spill-proof keyboards to avoid accidental damage but if the worst should happen we will be ready to ensure your IT continues to run smoothly, whatever the issue.



  • Effective budget management

By choosing Blue Sky Systems you can be confident that you are utilising your budget effectively.  Our prices aren’t the cheapest you will find, but that is because you will be investing your funding in the knowledge that;

  • You will be investing a long term partnership.  We aren’t interested in setting you up and walking away, we will be working with you to continually provide a best in class IT solution that gives you the peace of mind you deserve, now and in the future.
  • We have the best IT experts in the industry – our Technical Directors & Staff are passionate about IT and have a wealth of experience between them.  There really is no IT issue that they can’t resolve.
  • A demonstrable track record in this market means that we already have the knowledge to quickly and effectively upgrade your current IT infrastructure to meet your needs now and in the future.
  • We will become your go-to team for any IT related issue, big or small.
  • Transparent monthly billing means you always know where you are with your overheads.  Our rolling contract only changes if you change your service level, so you always know what costs are coming.


At Northwood, we deployed the entire system, which included 55 projectors, 87 wireless access points, and 320 machines, in just nine days.

This combination of equipment was all designed to make this simple for the Northwood, saving time and money with high-spec yet durable system that can handle the usual wear and tear of school life.

Give us a call to discuss your vision for your school and we will put a plan in place to get you there….

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Our primary focus is to deliver IT systems that work allowing you to manage your business and not worry about your IT. Communication is critical and with our UK teams we are always just a phone call away. If you want advice or information about Us then contact us.

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