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A little bit about Blue Sky Systems;

Choosing a Cloud Server/VPS from Blue Sky Systems immediately eases those headaches and unlocks a range of benefits, including:


  • No capital investment – hardware and software are rented on a subscription basis
  • Our technical team manages and optimizes the infrastructure for your Cloud server, ensuring superior performance
  • Secure UK-South data centre hosts government-approved Cloud Servers
  • Easily expandable hardware that can grow with your data and IT strategy
  • Access your server from anywhere, enabling hybrid and remote work by giving employees the necessary tools, anytime, anywhere
  • Migration options from existing VMware platform are available to ensure a smooth transition


Included in your 14-day free trial


cpu tower
8 vCPU
global network
Software Defined Network
Portal Access


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Our team are on hand to help you get up and running and to ensure you get the most out of your trial period.


  1. Complete your details
  2. Once we have approved your request, we will send out access details
  3. Create your virtual machines and networking
  4. At the end of the 14 days, your login will cease if the account is not transferred into a full account



How quickly can you set up my account?
We will review your details and create an account in 1-2 working days.
How much does the service cost after the trial?
We have a simple calculator on Cloud Servers Page; however, contact us with your requirements and we can provide an accurate quote.
What operating system do you support?
We support everything that VMware does. Our staff are skilled in Windows and some Linux distros.
What is Truly Cloud?
Truly cloud is just the name for our private cloud platform, just like Microsoft’s ‘Azure’ public cloud. Truly Cloud was designed and architected in-house by our talented Technical Directors. They know the IT industry inside out and designed a platform offering one of the most flexible solutions available to small to medium businesses. You get an Enterprise level solution without having to have an Enterprise sized budget!
Where is the data centre located?
Our data centre is located in the south of the UK on a LISTX site.
What VMware stack is offered?
It is almost like on-premise VMware functions. You get console access, boot from ISO's, Snapshot, and Install VMware tools. We offer NSX and storage profiles like the VMware cloud foundation stack.
Can I have VM's in the cloud and on-premise
This is what we call a Hybrid cloud. Yes, you can. You can migrate VMs from on-premise to the cloud and back. VMware have appliances for both the migration and networking bridge to make your life easy.