What's going on in the world of Blue Sky Systems

Broadcom, so it seems they are still finalising what their Sku's are for ESXi and vCenter. They have now decided to terminate any SKU that is more than a year. The way to purchase multiple years is simply to buy extra 1-year agreements. Thus, there is no longer a discount but more of a guarantee about long-term pricing. However, one major bonus that people will like when buying multiple years is that you pay annually, not upfront, for the whole contract.

Another change is that VMware by Broadcom is only sold in USD. As such, it is now down to the reseller to purchase in USD and convert your desired currency to the customer.


 Product  SKU  MSRP
 VMware vSphere Essentials Plus 8  VCF-VSP-ESPL-8  $3,360 per pack
 VMware vSphere Standard 8  VCF-VSP-STD-8  $50 per core
 VMware vSphere Foundation 8  VCF-VSP-FND-8  $135 per core
 VMware Cloud Foundation 5  VCF-CLD-FND-5  $350 per core